Dear guests and friends of Avarus,


due to the corona pandemic, we have closed our club since Friday, March 13th. It is currently not clear when and under wich conditions we can open again.


We have celebrated beautiful parties with you for many years and do everything we can to ensure that it will be the same again. This is a tough time for all of us. We try to use the time as positively as possible - as many of you probably do. To do the things that you wanted to do for a long time but could never do due to lack of time.


We wish you all a lot of strength, health and still a good time and look forward to seeing you again - we miss you!!!


Kind regards from your



Welcome to the new Avarus. With the assumption of this club, a long-time dream came true to us.


Being on our way through many different locations and establishments within the swinger and party scne we've made many different expressions. As time went by, we had more and more an idea of what the perfect club should be like. And one day we decided to open up our very own club.


Here we are now. With the support of an interior designer and an artist we gave the old Avarus a completely new look which will impress you from the very first second.


Our idea is to offer you a high-erotic and at the same time chilled, joyful atmosphere. We always have an open ear for your ideas, critics and inspirations to help us developing and refining. Tell or write us what you did like and what you did not like during your stay at the Avarus. We always want to grow with you and become your absolute favorite club.

Avarus -- Seestrasse 50 -- 13347 Berlin -- Tel. 030 45 30 82 44

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We are closed due to the corona pandemic